Members : 
Kamijo : vocals - Mayu : guitar - Aya : guitar - You : bass

After the release of the album, “Scream”, which he made alone (without the other members) KAMIJO decided to pause activities for LAREINE. It was difficult to continue the project by himself. He spoke of it in a telephone interview for NACK5 Beat Shuffle n September 8, 2001. He explains that despite his desire to continue alone, he realized the difficulty involved in continuing the project using the name of LAREINE and that it was the end of the project. But it was especially the support of his fans that touched him and encouraged him to continue again within a group.

In a group interview for the magazine
« Vicious »  from September of 2001, KAMIJO explains that he always wanted to work with MAYU and that he had proposed a new collaboration before LAREINE's final concert.
In the same interview, MAYU confirms his desire to work with KAMIJO again but that the separation was due to the fact that he was not doing exactly what he wanted..

The reconciliation came from the meeting and collaboration with YOU that gave new life to the KAMIJO/MAYU collaboration. YOU invited KAMIJO since he was also working with MAYU.
The three musicians agreed to begin a project characterized by a new style. They then recruited AYA (Blue-B) to fill the position of the guitarist and the position of the drummer was left to different members of the session.

This interview is interesting because it provides an explanation of the name of the group. KAMIJO explains that is came from the city of Sodom which is mentioned in the Bible as the city of crime and vice. Having always liked the sound of this word he wanted to create a new word for the group “Sodmy” and since the project was new, the word “New” was necessary. YOU said that they debated for months about the name. They wanted to do everything seriously and not make changes afterwards.

The group was no longer in the Visual (style), it was a rock group with a more classic look. No stage costumes notable enough for cosplay or no makeup either (or almost none).


In both the interview for Vicious in 2001 and in Vyper in 2015, KAMIJO explains the band's "Style / Fashion Rock" tone. A clean look for a universe in sync with the times. Each member brings their own story and style to create the new group and the musical universe.

A lt the time of this interview, KAMIJO explained that their first lives were held during summer festivals under the name of "WEREWOLF" because it was his wish that the first lives of NEW SODMY were concerts they performed alone and not at festivals with several groups. (And it is said in one interview, if the group fails, it does not tarnish the name of NEW SODMY!)

The group was formed in March 2011. Even before releasing the first single, they had created a fanclub and an official website with 5 tracks to listen to online. Already before Versailles, KAMIJO began to use the internet for the promotion of his group.


Magazines or fan club newsletter
(I suppose because I do not read Japanese)
Vol.1 Spring 2001 - Vol.2 Autumn 2001 - VOl.3 Spring 2002 - VOl.3 Winter 2002 and a last one if the final issue "The Last Issue"

Official Magazine

A single single "White Lies" with three tracks was released in October of the same year, followed by "Jealousy" in November. In January 2002, the group released a maxi single "Style" with three songs : "Cat Walk" - "Phantom" - "Audrey" (Audrey is not a song about his wife or girlfriend, it's a reference to actress Audrey Hepburn.)
A single and an album "Imagine" was released in June 2002.

In March, MAYU announced his departure from the group. The details are not known but it seems that he had reconsidered his decision to definitively leave the group before the April tour.

Despite this departure, NEW SODMY does not cancel the tour, ensuring the show will go on without the guitarist and a promo single was even distributed. This is the Cat Walk Tour and a video was shot showing concerts, record label promotions and members behind the scenes.





Catwalk Tour Youtube videos in three parts :





The group dissolves definitively in August 2002. 

Shortly after, KAMIJO and MAYU decided to the immense joy (of fans) to relaunch LAREINE.

AYA and YOU join a group called Free and previously known as Chronosphere. After the end of this group, they join Glamourous Honey and AYA takes this opportunity to change his name to K.  


Releases made under the label Veletta



September 26, 2001 - White Lies with 3 tracks: Advent - Actor - Farewell


November 2001 - CD and cassette - Jealousy with 2 songs : Romantic Season and Chorus


January 2002 - CD and cassette - Style with three songs: Cat Walk - Phantom - Audrey 


June 21, 2002 - Limited Edition - Imagine with the song Imagine and its instrumental version.



June 26, 2002 - "Confess to a Love"

Phantom (final mix) - Romantic season - Fantasia - Are you Sodmy ? - Squall - Imagine - Actor - Audrey - Thirteen's in the beauty - Cat Walk - Farewell - A way of Life - Since J&L


Reunion for one night...
 ( December 28, 2015 )

On August 23, 2015, KAMIJO announced his final concert (of the tour) commemorating his 20-year long career, which took place on December 28, 2015 at the Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo, with special guests from his former groups gathered for the occasion. This concert was an opportunity to revisit a reunion of NEW SODMY with AYA and YOU !

This concert also featured the participation of the former members of LAREINE and Versailles, a fine menu of artists :



YOU Instagram


From YUKI and TERU on Twitter :



Grand Finale Pamphlet. (refaire le lien)

Click on the image to download the PDF file.

Some vintage photos ...














Captures Cat Walk tour


References :

BitterSweet - - JamE World - DISCOG - Pure Sound

Basically, Nautiljon's bio is an incomplete translation of the article on JamE World USA. As I do not limit myself to a single source, I searched diligently and I stumbled upon a site that offered lyrics and interviews of the group.
The majority of the information given here are therefore from interviews of the group itself found on 
BitterSweetand finally the archives in consultation of a site hosted by Geocities, which no longer exists apparently. Therefore not copied / pasted because this site is in reference only and we can not select the texts. It is nevertheless very useful to have this information.


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