Welcome fans of the Rose of Versailles who are wandering in this field. If you find yourself here it is because you are curious. Some will certainly ask why such an important place as this is dedicated to this particular person. Simply put, KAMIJO is part of a vast sphere that revolves around Riyoko Ikeda. Significantly, in the beginning of his early years, his group LAREINE looked back to the broad themes of the animated series, and beyond that they especially represented the illustrations by Riyoko Ikeda. The universe of this musician is very rich, goes beyond music, and the concept surrounding his solo career revolves around a well known character in the Rose of Versailles which is Louis XVII, the young Louis Charles, the child of the temple...so dear curious visitors, read through these pages and you will discover that which you did not expect ! ?

KAMIJO's career began more than twenty years ago. During these years he was involved in different music groups before launching his solo career. Here in detail and chronological order are all of the groups or projects that have defined his career. Discover the galaxies that revolve around this rich and varied universe! To enrich the entire experience, just tiny characteristic that is 100% KAMIJO, try to see more clearly the persona...or not...and all of it is a part dedicated solely to a particular facet of the persona, that of the Storyteller...because KAMIJO is not just a singer and composer, he write his lyrics and tells stories. To finish your visit, do not forget to stroll through the library, you will find many documents to be discovered and download ! ?


















































Translation in english by Radha BloodRose 

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