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Node of Scherzo 



Node of Scherzo is a musical show created by Kamijo in 2007.

He sings with Juka (ex-Hizaki Grace Project now Shaura) and Kaya. They are accompanied by Hizaki and Jasmine You (also member of Hizaki Grace Project then of Versailles) the position of drummer is not mentioned, it is undoubtedly held by session musicians. This show was only played three times live, with guests like, Kansaki, ? ? ? ? and Asagi (he is pictured on the Pamphlet but it seems that he did not play in the show ... to be precise, therefore, only the Wikia article mentions him as a guest)
Each concert gave rise to a different story but always around the theme of a triangular love between the three vocalists. Each of them playing a specific character: Kamijo in the role of Louis, Kaya in the role of Carmilla and Juka in the role of Alan.

The first concert took place at Shibuya O-WEST on March 14, 2007, it told a triangular love story between Kamijo / Louis, Juka / Alan and Kaja / Carmilla. The creation of Versailles was announced during this first concert. This concert would have had Yuu, Sizna and the drummer of Sugar as guest protagonists.

The second played on May 4 had a similar frame, Kamijo and Juka respectively representing the light and the shadow commanding two armies represented by the musicians and guests who each fought to win the love of Kaya.
The last concert took place on October 31, 2007 and was a Halloween Special on the theme of vampires. Juka played the role of a pure-hearted hero who went mad because of the Queen of Vampires, Kaya and her husband played by Kamijo. For this event KANZAKI and all the members of Versailles were present.

This show was a kind of rock opera with scenes performed, with a lot of humor and derision it would seem. Songs (obviously existing songs and not musics specially made for the occasion apart from the title song, I was notably mentioned Barawa Utsuku Chiru as song played, a new single for Kaya or "Aravesque" for Juka, songs of Sugar, a song in English for Kamijo (Revenant Choir?) ...) The protagonists also wear outfits known from their scenic wardrobe, like Barawa's coat for Kamijo.
During these concerts various announcements were made by the three soloists. During the March concert, for example, a new website for Juka was announced, a new live one man for Sugar and Kaya, the Versailles training by Kamijo and Hizaki, a "Juka Party" event and the other dates of Node of Scherzo. .

Node of Scherzo also played a song as a secret guest at ?? ?? ?? (Nihon Tanbi Kakumei) national tour concerts and at the Christmas event of the production house Sherow Artist Society who produced the show .

A Book Photos has been published. I have no details on the concert during which the photos were taken, but in view of the descriptions of the scene by a person who attended the March show, the stage decor for this show corresponds to the photos in the book. The video below also mentions the first concert in March.


Download the PDF with the photos by clicking on the cover above. These scans come from this site : Hizaki VK



A single video of the show with the title song.


Some photos present in the Photo Book :



Single : - Node of Scherzo (2007. 10. 31)



- 2008.11.?? ???????????? SPECIAL CLIP DVD
- 2008.12.24 ??? (Urakizoku)


Guest Cast

????? (KANZAKI) - Vocals (2007.10.31) 
-  ???? → MARRY+AN+BLOOD → RIBBON → KANZAKI → -The- UnForGiveness
Asagi → Syndrome → Je*Reviens → D (Guest just for the Pamphlet ?)






Few sources and articles on this show, so if there are inaccuracies it comes from there ...

Source links for basic information: Nautiljon, Discogs and Wikia

The pages of the Photo Book are available on this site => Node of Scherzo Photo Book

Another article in English from Nerimaku on the Blue Illusion website

The training page on Metallum Encyclopedia - The Metal Archives

The show is cited on Wikipedia in the article on Juka / Shaura

The lyrics of the song in English :  Lyrics Freak

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