Pour Versailles, tout commence avec la chanson "The Revenant Choir", la vidéo démarre sur une introduction parlée, une voix féminine qui raconte l'histoire des "Descendants of the Rose"...

« Aristocrats beautifully attired in a world filled with the smell of roses. There lived two clans,one, who believed that death brings everlasting happiness.the others seek eternal life. One day, both dreams become reality,the others would never be destroyed.They were forced to live in loneliness, like a never ending punishment.
June 2007. The others time had come. Descendants of the rose appeared. Within meaning, the memory of that day came flooding back and the story begins... »

« Des aristocrates admirablement vêtus vivaient dans un monde rempli de l'odeur de roses. Là vivaient deux clans, un, qui croyait que la mort apportait le bonheur éternel les autres qui recherchaient la vie éternelle. Un jour, les deux rêves se retrouvent concrétisés, et les seconds ne seraient jamais détruits. Ils ont été forcés de vivre dans la solitude, comme une punition qui ne finira jamais.
Juin 2007. Le temps des autres était venu. Les Descendants de la Rose sont apparus, dans la signification, le souvenir de ce jour a resurgi et l'histoire commence... »


L'album suivant, "Noble" proposera une vidéo "Aristrocrats Symphony" qui plante un univers sombre et romantique.

Pour leur passage en major, il sortent le single "Ascendead Master" accompagné d'un cour métrage en trois parties qui raconte l'histoire d'une petite fille sauvée par un Vampire président d'une compagnie qui fait des recherches sur la vie éternelle. 



Le Pamphlet vendu lors de la tournée "Holy Grail" de 2011 contient un récit qui raconte l'histoire complète des "Descendants de la Rose" en trois chapitres ( "Lyrical Sympathy" - "Noble" - "Jubilee" ) qui est la trame du groupe Versailles. Cette histoire démarre sur une reprise de l'introduction parlée de la chanson "The Revenant Choir" et tisse un récit autour des paroles des chansons créées par la suite dans "Noble "et "Jubilee", englobant aussi l'histoire du court métrage "Ascendead Master". Le scénario et le processus de création ne semble pas si abouti que "Lillie Charlotte", car l'histoire semble avoir été rédigée après coup, en se basant sur les chansons.

Reste un joli récit qui donne sens aux textes de Kamijo et qui démontre un soucis de relier tout ça dans un scénario cohérent. 

Un extrait en anglais est disponible sur le forum de la Cour de Versailles. C'est le texte du livret vendu lors de la tournée européenne. J'ai envie de faire ma propre traduction, avec une mise en page en image si possible mais si vous êtes pressés, une version traduite du texte par Teru-Kun existe déjà sur le même forum que la version anglophone ICI.


 The Story of the Descendants of The Rose. 

( Retranscrit du Pamphlet par Teru-Kun dans le forum de la Cour de Versailles)

Lyrical Sympathy

There was a time when noble people were routinely wearing gorgeous dresses and the whole nation was filled with sweet aroma of roses. Two opposite cliques were insisting their belief was the ultimate truth. One is Thanathos who claims “Death” is the last true of happiness of human beings. The other is Philia who seeks for “Eternal Life”.
Thanatosians’ important ritual day was about to come. It only happens once in 1,000 years. Feeling insecure about not being sure of exactly what was going to happen, Flowery was also excited about experienced the “Ultimate Happiness” as one of the chosen people allowed to join this rare ritual. 
Truth revealed. The ritual required all the chosen people to cease one other life for the sake of getting the last true happiness. Everyone took a shot of aphrodisiac, instantly became a cold-blooded murderer and sudden bloodshed took place. Pure-hearted Flowery couldn’t take it and eventually became the only survivor. It was Louis, Flowery’s lover and a pur sang vampire who finally gave her the last happiness she hoped for.
Flowery had kept asking Louis decay together naturally as they get older whereas Louis had tried hard to convince her of an eternal life. He didn’t mean to give her a death. All he wanted was to give her an eternal life. Ironically, for Louis who cannot decay nor die, Flowery’s blood was nothing but victual. Crimson blood all over the floor and the lifeless body of his girl were left. Flowery was gone for good. Devastated Louis locked himself in his coffin for an eternal sleep. Just like his beloved Flowery. Since then, the day has been remembered as “The Red Carpet Day”.




Some hundred years went by. A pur sang vampire Louis was awakened by the descendants of Philians. What he saw there now was not what he used to appreciate… Still the same town but nothing glitz and glamour was left at all. One day, some whores found dead in a whorehouse outside of town. Crimson blood underneath the dead whores was all over the floor, reminding everyone of legendary The Red Carpet Day. Was it a copycat murder? Were Thanatosians still alive? From that day on, spooky dark shadow always followed Louis and his fellow descendants of Philians. Some days later, children went missing one after another when they touched red roses. All the roses were considered dangerous. Scared people got rid of them immediately. 
When the last single rose disappeared, the spooky dark shadow unmasked right in front of Louis and the descendants. The phantoms of dead Thanatosians it was. Ugly hearts and malicious acts of the people in this era woke them up from a long deep sleep. Louis and his fellow descendants were determined to put them back to sleep but by doing so, they surprisingly found themselves learning the history of ruthful destiny Thanatosians had been through. It was all cursed by their belief in the last true happiness only achievable by ceasing one other life. In the ugly world where people would crap on others for their personal greed, Louis made up his mind to cleanse them by sucking their blood. Red roses are the symbol of true love and they must come back to bloom again with purity in love of human beings. 




A dying girl transferred to hospital suffered cardiopulmonary arrest. She got seriously injured and unfortunately lost her parents in a car accident that day. Suddenly someone performed a miracle to save her life and she was adopted by the president called Louis of a life insurance company “DESCENDANT OF THE ROSE”, coincided with the announcement to launch a brand-new insurance product “Eternal Life”. He gave a press conference at an old castle while the media gave considerable attention to the odd coincidence between what happened to his recently adopted daughter and the name of his new product. 
Suzanne, one the nurses at the girl’s surgery, cherished a secret suspicion against the girl’s resuscitation almost contrary to nature and did a secret investigation all by herself. Which eventually led her to the fact that DESCENDANT OF THE ROSE is a disguise of a pur sang vampire Louis, yet she knew none of his true intention. Even though she felt fear and insecurity to the existence of a vampire for real, deep down inside, she was dying for a bite on the neck… Yes, she wanted to be like all the reporters at the old castle that experienced a sudden chaotic cleansing by Louis. And when her turn came, she never fought against Louis. She is the reincarnation of Flowery. 
Louis took her to a journey of the descendant of the rose’s history: their loneliness in living the darkness for hundreds of years, their true love for human beings, Louis’s determination to wipe out ugliness in human… All ran through in her mind in a heartbeat. That is exactly how Louis cleanses people’s heart. He sucks ugliness with blood and in return, he pours his aspiration full of love into heart that should be inherited by the next generation. 
At least, it worked that way until Louis and Suzanne returned from their journey. What they see now is a different world from how it was a moment before. Somehow reality has been replaced with dreams… 




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