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It sends out the topic work to world one after another place .com of learning (the place of the or less learning) 'in addition to the Versailles rose which becomes social phenomenon', and others the [tsu] plain gauze is, but as for small time it probably is to have interest in some thing?

Riyoko Ikeda (or less Ikeda) loving chin Don house and paper play, being attached forever, rear, it was the kind of child which it keeps walking. When the air is attached, having become dark, the uncle of the chin Don house worrying, “[anta], the child of somewhere?”[tsu] [te]. When also the parent about the 呆 [re] [ru], becomes absorption, it was the child where surroundings become unable to be visible it is.


also was place cartoon of learning read?

Ikeda of course. You read the cartoon of that time and with throwing away, it is not kind of something which is grandly recognized social, being said, that reading it is even from teacher and PTA of the school it is not good, hurting, you do. Because so my mother, does not know, some talent sleeps in the child, with the person that, it pointed to various experiences it could be let do regardless. You made read with the notion that perhaps with that, there is also a talent of cartoon in me, it is. However just those which passed by “the censorship of the mother” (laughing).

The place child of learning stuttering, when it is mentioned useless, because all the more it becomes interest Tsu 々, don't you think?.

Ikeda so is. About those which are prohibited we would like to see, we would like to read, (laughing). So as for the parent inside being very harsh, after it reaching the point where it can make the money by his that do favorite the thing. The television showing to the favorite, you did not give. The parent checking, the permission saw is just program.

Now in the portable telephone margin, it does whatever in margin and the game doing, the money is required, don't you think?. Before giving those to the children, unless you must teach that first “when you use, the money is required”. As for having the money feeling such as that you think from at the time of the child that it is important.

Are the various experiences which it points your place mother of learning some kind of ones?

With Ikeda practice thing the picture, the piano and song, the koto, the tea regardless. It denied talent (laughing). Keeping accompanying in the mother, “how?”[tsu] [te]. When even the ear you say, that “roughly so”, don't you think? you did not force. The mother “there is also such world, showed truly various ones in the feeling that is”, it is.

As for the world of the child as for possibility however it is, extremely 々 it is small, because is, it is important for the adult making the opportunity. There is such work in society, there are such ones depending, teaching, the [te] thinks that it is not good.

Passing these kind of child age of the place of learning, it is the case that you have become the cartoonist, but is the large hit work 'Versailles rose' probably to be born from some kind of details?

Historical novel 'marry [antowanetsuto]' of [tsuvuaiku] which was read in Ikeda high school era is opportunity. To the last, being the case that it has interest in marry [antowanetsuto], when being high school from, is not the case that it researches the French Revolution, it is.
Because as for the time where it starts drawing cartoon, it is the meaning which is placed in the commercial magazine when also [uke] [ru] thing is important in the reader, the heart per seat [te] it was. Making the result with that, seeing timing, executing the idea which it warmed long 'the Versailles rose'.

I jot down the idea about of 500 to regular note. That especially history mono is not the case that it has been specialized. Also what often (laughing) does not know whether with the various various memo writing, how it is written considered as after. Simply, when it has done again to read, “as for this the [wa] which is original news item of the work of that time” you remember and/or do.


The place of learning nevertheless, “bell rose” phenomenon being enormous, the shank. The method which receives influence even with the place .com user of learning is many expectation.

The person who is misunderstood it is many in the Ikeda cartoonist, it is. When the work hits, those where you get together around by your probably the just fan. When it does, by his central like the world becoming matter of concern, the stripe bearing, the shank. So as for that very mistake. A more enormous person, the person who more has popularity the large quantity being, never the heaven 狗 does not have to become, unless, it judged by his from young time.

The cartoon whose it is proper with “bell rose hit”, to read the fact that I am most delightful and, to be thrown away so is to stop being. The fact that you can read important in everyone, most was the joy.


Place now of learning it reached the point where cartoon is taught even at the university.

It is opposite to Ikeda that. When academism joins to cartoon, you think that there is no charm which cartoon originally it has. There is a power of the vulgar world like cartoon and paper play it is. Therefore subculture very by power shank.

It is to have an offer that in the past, from the famous fine arts museum, we would like to display my field picture, but we refused courteously. Because it is not kind of something which enters into the fine arts museum, with. One time, Kabuki like art you apply from the populace and leaves and, with has kept being able to go out of use with that. Perhaps, similar phenomenon happens to even cartoon.


In addition although cartoon is praised well, the person that “this rather than already calling cartoon, is literature”, is, but this rather in impolite expression the shank. Cartoon and literature are the completely different thing.

There are also times when cartoon is used in the teaching aid of the place children of learning but.

Ikeda that opposite. Flattering to the child, it increases. The child conjectures the fact that help is borrowed to cartoon easily, makes the result adult foolish probably will be. In order to deepen understanding, if it is to be understood it should have made easily with composition and the illustration which are done securely. What you do not endeavor the when it is the mistake, thought now the shank.

If you raise the power which you read, 'Fabre insect description' the male is completed in child age. It is something which in the expression which me myself, scratches the romance of this book and builds has become absorption. Simply, there is no insect picture book in order to obtain knowledge, it is to be the work which stimulates curiosity and imaginative power and adds. Also the work of the south bear camphor tree being similar, the shank. As for the child unless it is touching, as for the power which is read you think in a little difficult such as that being, certain ones that it keeps vanishing.

When participating in the front line as a place cartoonist of learning, you advanced to the music university, but this probably is to be what opportunity.

You decided with the notion that where even Ikeda age work circumstance now there is only this time. While rearranging work, because it faced to entrance examination, being truly busy, the shank. When so, it is different from the entrance examination at the time of a teen, “[kore] would like to do by your”, method of entering the feeling different/now the shank. It was the valuable experience.

The fact that classic music is learned specially was dream from small time. Even now still it is everyday life of study.

When the place of learning like this it tries doing, as for Ikeda, being curiosity excellent from time of the child, spreading out also the genre which becomes the object the shank.

If Ikeda music we love the classic and ballad. The person of method of thinking where when it is good, you cannot think those genre may be different gently, are inclined thinks that it is pitiful. The stage whose art characteristic is high is good, but it does not accept the comic dialog, that combining.


We do not want that kind of inclination which is inclined doing in the teacher abnormal play of the school, is. For example liking Kabuki, please see, the can it does also one, sometimes talent and the opera which look at only Kabuki direct and others.

The teacher on of place site of learning accumulates school duty, it seems that is the times when summer vacation or with most going to work, the time when it goes to theater and the like do not come off easily.

Because is, in order to make the Ikeda inside rich, you think that the extent which provides the cost in the country the one which is done is good. Because the fact that the teacher learns culture is the case that it returns to the children result.

The teacher even when being the baby-sitter is not the clerk. Office work work should do professionals of office work and, the parent does not push the child present attaching to the teacher. I am that the fact that it has the child is the biggest dream, but regrettable Kanai it was not. So, if I am the parent, we want touching with the children to the teacher you say that with elbowroom, probably will be.

I at the time of the elementary school student, taught Confucius's word to alone teacher. If 'our counter 而 reduction, 雖 10,000,000 our going 矣 (it curves personally and tries and the reduction drives, though call 10,000,000 person, our going (the [yu]) the can)'. When you think that by his is correct, even if the enemy being, 10,000,000 it goes, it is depending. Being impressed to also juvenile mind very, that I will do such living, it is something which you think hard.

Truth of such phenomenon in the teacher who teaches high will securely, I even now appreciate even in the young elementary school student where Confucius's doctrine still just a little is difficult.

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